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Folgende Wissenschaftler forschen aktiv am Geoinstitut

 NameTelefonFaxAkad. Grad

Abeykoon, SumithAbeykoon, Sumith
37433769(M.Sc. 2018, Bayreuth)
Oxybarometry and thermobarometry based on accessory phases
Audétat, AndreasAudétat, Andreas
37133769(Ph.D. 1999, Zürich)
Geochemistry of melts and fluids, subduction zone processes, ore deposits

Blanchard, IngridBlanchard, Ingrid
37303769(Ph.D. 2016, Paris)
Differentiation of the Earth; element distribution between mantle and core
Boffa Ballaran, TizianaBoffa Ballaran, Tiziana
3738/3740/ 3741/37423769(Ph.D. 1997, Pavia)
Solid solutions, cation ordering, high-pressure and high-temperature phase transitions in minerals
Bondar, DmitryBondar, Dmitry
37453769(M.Sc. 2017, Moscow)
Water partition coefficients between upper mantle minerals and melts as a function of P/T and...
Bouvier, AudreyBouvier, Audrey
37923769(PhD 2006, ENS Lyon)
Chemical and isotopic compositions of planetary materials. Origins of the solar system and planetary formation...

Chanyshev, ArtemChanyshev, Artem
+49-(0)40-8998-? (Ph.D. 2017, Novosibirsk)
Rheology in the Earth's interior; high-pressure chemistry of bridgmanite
Cialdella, LauraCialdella, Laura
37463769(B.Sc. 2015, Padova)
Solubility and partitioning on nitrogen in Earth's interior
Czekay, LauraCzekay, Laura
37273769(M.Sc. 2019, Tübingen)
Al,Si-interdiffusion in bridgmanite (silicate perovskite) and the viscosity of the lower mantle

Dominijanni, SerenaDominijanni, Serena
38393769(M.Sc. 2018, Roma)
Probing mantle oxygen fugacity through experiments and natural samples
Druzhbin, DmitryDruzhbin, Dmitry
37173769(M.Sc. 2014 Novosibirsk)
Measurement of Si self-diffusion coefficient of high-pressure minerals as a function of water content.
Dubrovinsky, LeonidDubrovinsky, Leonid
3736/37073769(Ph.D. 1986, Moscow)
Phase transformations and chemical reactions at ultra-high pressures and temperatures; Ultra-high pressure and temperature crystallography

Eberhard, LisaEberhard, Lisa
37353769(M.Sc. 2017, Bern)
Carbonate stability and decarbonation reactions at high pressure
Eichheimer, PhilippEichheimer, Philipp
37193769(M.Sc. 2016, Mainz)
Numerical modelling of volatiles in the deep mantle and salt tectonics

Fei, HongzhanFei, Hongzhan
37193769(Dr. rer. nat. 2013, Bayreuth)
Electrical conductivity of mantle minerals; mineral physics; rheology in the Earth's interior
Ferreira, FilippeFerreira, Filippe
37393769(M.Sc. 2016, Brasília)
Grain boundary character distribution of olivine
Flanigan, MichaelaFlanigan, Michaela
37263769(Master of Earth Science (Advanced) 2017, Canberra)
Partitioning of helium between mantle and melt at high pressure
Frost, DanFrost, Dan
37373769(Ph.D. 1996, Bristol)
Phase relations of the Earth's deep interior; thermo-dynamic properties of minerals and fluids; Terrestrial Core...

Golabek, GregorGolabek, Gregor
37103769(Ph.D. 2010, ETH Zürich)
Numerical modelling of Earth and planetary interiors

Heidelbach, FlorianHeidelbach, Florian
37043769(Ph.D. 1994, University of California, Berkeley)
Reaction kinetics and plastic deformation of mantle rocks
Huang, RongHuang, Rong
37353769(M.Sc. 2014 Peking)
Phase relations and elastic properties of lower mantle minerals

Immoor, JuliaImmoor, Julia
38783769(Dipl.-Geol. 2012, Kiel)
Deformation behaviour of ferropericlase in Earth's lower mantle at simultaneously HP-HT
Ishii, TakayukiIshii, Takayuki
37463769(Ph.D. 2015, Gakushuin University)
Phase relations of mantle minerals and rocks under upper and lower mantle conditions using multianvil...

Katsura, TomooKatsura, Tomoo
37913769(Ph.D. 1991, Okayama)
Physic and chemistry of the Earth's interior; High-pressure mineral physics
Keppler, HansKeppler, Hans
3744/3752/ 37543769(Dr. rer. nat. 1988, Karlsruhe)
Experimental Geochemisty and Geophysics
Khandarkhaeva, SaianaKhandarkhaeva, Saiana
37293769(M.Sc. 2015, Novosibirsk)
Chemical reactions at ultra-high pressures and temperatures
Koemets, EgorKoemets, Egor
37173769(M.Sc. 2015, Novosibirsk)
Oxygen behaviour at conditions of Earth's lower mantle and core
Koemets, IuliiaKoemets, Iuliia
37083769(M.Sc. 2018, Bayreuth)
Carbonates and silicates behaviour at mantle conditions
Kurnosov, AlexanderKurnosov, Alexander
37433769(Ph.D. 2004, Novosibirsk)
HP/HT elasticity of minerals

Marzotto, EnricoMarzotto, Enrico
37243769(M.Sc. 2016, Padova)
Global-scale geodynamical models of volatile mixing in the Earth's mantle
McCammon, CatherineMcCammon, Catherine
3709/37533769(Ph.D. 1984, ANU)
Physics and chemistry of minerals.
Meier, ThomasMeier, Thomas
37393769(Dr. rer. nat. 2016, Leipzig)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonace at extreme conditions; electronic and magnetic properties of correlated electron systems at...
Melai, CaterinaMelai, Caterina
37303769(M.Sc. 2017, Bayreuth)
Fractionation processes affecting volatile-bearing fluids and melts in the deep mantle
Miyajima, NobuyoshiMiyajima, Nobuyoshi
37283769(Ph.D. 1997, Hokkaido University)
High pressure mineralogy, Operation and supervising TEM laboratory

Nishida, KeisukeNishida, Keisuke
37123769(Ph.D. 2012, Tohoku)
Physical properties of liquid Fe alloys at high pressure. Water contents in mantle minerals

Ovsyannikov, SergeyOvsyannikov, Sergey
38393769(Ph.D. 2004, Ekaterinburg)
Phase transitions in oxide systems at high-pressure high-temperature conditions

Polednia, JoanaPolednia, Joana
37083769(M.Sc. 2015, Bochum)
Distribution and diffusion of elements along grain boundaries
Putak Juricek, MarijaPutak Juricek, Marija
37293769(M.Sc. 2016, Zagreb)
Behaviour of water in the upper mantle

Rubie, DavidRubie, David
37113769(Ph.D. 1971, Leicester)
Kinetics of mineral reactions, diffusion and rheology at high pressure; mechanisms of core formation in...
Rustioni, GretaRustioni, Greta
38783769(M.Sc. 2016, Pavia)
Effect of Cl on trace element mobility in subduction zones

Satta, NiccolòSatta, Niccolò
37263769(M.Sc. 2017, Rome)
Elastic properties of hydrous minerals at high pressures and temperatures
Shcheka, SvyatoslavShcheka, Svyatoslav
37193769(Dr. rer. nat. 2006, Tübingen)
Carbon and noble gases in the Earth's mantle, experimental study of diamond formation, thermal conductivity...
Siersch, NickiSiersch, Nicki
38783769(M.Sc. 2015, Bayreuth)
Elasticity of mantle minerals at HP/HT
Simonova, DariiaSimonova, Dariia
37273769(M.Sc. 2015, Moscow)
Chemical reactions of carbon phases in carbonate-silicate Earth melt
Steinle-Neumann, GerdSteinle-Neumann, Gerd
37023769(Ph.D. 2001, Michigan)
Computational high pressure physics and mineralogy; structure of Earth's deep interior

Thielmann, MarcelThielmann, Marcel
37213769(Dr. sc. ETH 2014, Zürich)
Numerical modeling of rock deformation and strain localization on all scales from the grain scale...
Trybel, FlorianTrybel, Florian
37263769 (M.Sc. Physics 2017, Bayreuth)
Thermodynamic properties of silicate solids and liquids to the TPa range from ab-initio calculations

Vlasov, KirillVlasov, Kirill
38393769(M.Sc. 2018, Moscow)
Electrical conductivity of upper mantle and crustal fluids

Withers, TonyWithers, Tony
37453769(Ph.D. 1997, Bristol)
Origin, incorporation, storage, and processing of volatile elements in terrestrial planets

Xie, LongjianXie, Longjian
37433769(Ph.D. 2018, Okayama)
UHP and UHT generation in multianvil press, viscosity of magma ocean

Yao, JieYao, Jie
37323769(M.Sc. 2016, Perth)
Thermodynamics of silicate melts at high pressure and magma ocean processes
Yutani, TakuYutani, Taku
38783769(M.Sc. 2017, Sendai)
Experiments at asthenospheric/lithospheric conditions; petit-spot magma genesis and petrology of oceanic alkaline rocks

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