Wagle, Fabian (Dr. rer. nat. 2019, Bayreuth)
Computational studies on transport properties in solid and liquid metals
left on: 2019-03-29
new address: Rogers Germany GmbH
Stadtwald 2
92676 Eschenbach i. d. Oberpfalz
email: fabian.wagle(at)rogerscorporation.com
Rottier, Bertrand (Ph.D. 2016, Geneva)
Magmatic controls on Cu/Au ratios of porphyry deposits
left on: 2019-03-18
new address: Laval-Universität
2325 Rue de l'Université
Québec, QC G1V 0A6
Ziberna, Luca (Ph.D. 2013, Padova)
Phase relations and carbon speciation in the upper mantle; petrology and thermobarometry of igneous cumulates
left on: 2019-01-31
new address: University of Trieste
Department of Mathematics and Geosciences
Via Weiss 8
34128 Trieste
email: luca.ziberna(at)units.it
Fischer, Nicole (Administration)
left on: 2018-12-31
new address:
Marquardt, Katharina (Dr. rer. nat. 2010, Berlin)
Earth deep materials, physics/chemistry of minerals and interfaces, TEM, SEM studies
left on: 2018-12-31
new address: Marquardt, Katharina
Imperial College London
Department of Materials
Exhibition Road
London, SW7 2AZ
email: k.marquardt(at)imperial.ac.uk
Armstrong, Katherine (M.Sc. 2014, Portland)
Oxidation state of the early mantle
left on: 2018-12-03
new address: Armstrong, Katherine
Department of Chemistry
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
email: katarmstrong(at)gmail.com
Yoshioka, Takahiro (M.Sc. 2014, Kyoto)
Solubility of carbon in silicate melts and of nitrogen in mantle minerals
left on: 2018-11-27
new address: 11-20 Goban-cho, Kamo-shi
Niigata-ken, 951353
email: takahiro1101(at)gmail.com
Liu, Zhaodong (Ph.D. 2015, Matsuyama)
Phase relations of minerals in the lower mantle; High pressure synthesis of high-quality minerals. High pressure generation techniques in the multianvil apparatus
left on: 2018-11-23
new address: State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials
Jilin University
Changchun, Jilin Province
email: liu_zhaodong(at)jlu.edu.cn
San José Méndez, Alba (M.Sc. 2014, Madrid)
Experimental study of planetary ices at high pressure and high temperature
left on: 2018-10-31
new address:
Posner, Esther (Dr. rer. nat. 2017, Bayreuth)
Experimental and computational geochemistry; transport and structural properties of melts and minerals; core and planetary formation
left on: 2018-10-19
new address:

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