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1. Advisory Board and Management
  1.1 Advisory Board
  1.2 Management
2. Staff, Funding and Facilities
  2.1 Staff
  2.2 Funding
  2.3 Laboratory and office facilities
  2.4 Experimental equipment
3. Research Projects
  3.1 Physical Properties of Solids
  a. Anomalous compression of coesite (R.J. Angel, J.L. Mosenfelder and C.S.J. Shaw, in collaboration with N.L. Ross/London, U.K.)
  b. Hydrostatic compression of single-crystal magnesiowüstite (S.D. Jacobsen, R.J. Angel, H.J. Reichmann, S.J. Mackwell, C.A. McCammon, J.R. Smyth and H.A. Spetzler)
  c. Elastic anisotropy of (Mg,Fe)O as a function of Fe-content at ambient conditions (H.J. Reichmann, S.D. Jacobsen, S.J. Mackwell and C.A. McCammon)
  d. Elasticity of CaSnO3 perovskite (J. Kung and R.J. Angel, in collaboration with N.L. Ross/London, U.K.)
  e. Elastic wave speeds of (Fe,Mg)2SiO4 polymorphs at high pressure (J. Kung)
  f. Mechanism of electrical conductivity in silicate perovskite (Y.S. Xu and C.A. McCammon)
  g. Thermal diffusivity measurements of olivine and its polymorphs (Y.S. Xu and D.C. Rubie, in collaboration with T.J. Shankland/Los Alamos)
  h. Electrical conductivity of the orthopyroxene-ilmenite system and geophysical applications (Y.S. Xu and B.T. Poe, in collaboration with T.J. Shankland/Los Alamos and A.G. Duba/Livermore)
  i. Deformation of magnesiowüstite in the dislocation creep regime (I.C. Stretton, S.J. Mackwell and F. Heidelbach)
  j. Strain partitioning in polymineralic rocks (I.C. Stretton, in collaboration with S.J. Covey-Crump, P.F. Schofield/London, U.K. and K.S. Knight/Didcot, U.K.)
  k. Use of a large-volume multianvil apparatus in a 5000 tonne press for plastic deformation experiments of MgO at high pressure (D.J. Frost, P. Cordier and B.T. Poe)
  l. Plastic deformation experiments of MgSiO3 perovskite under lower mantle conditions (P. Cordier)
  m. Characterisation of dislocation Burgers vectors in Mg2SiO4 wadsleyite (P. Cordier, in collaboration with E. Thurel/Lille)
  n. Crystallographic preferred orientation in experimentally deformed transition zone minerals (F. Heidelbach and D.J. Frost, in collaboration with S. Karato and J. Lawlis/Minneapolis)
  o. Deformation of transition zone minerals in the multianvil apparatus (S. Karato, D.J. Frost, D.C. Rubie, P. Cordier and F. Langenhorst, in collaboration with J. Lawlis, D. Yamazaki and K.-H. Lee/Minneapolis)
  p. Extent of olivine metastability in subducting lithospheric slabs (J.L. Mosenfelder and D.C. Rubie, in collaboration with L. Kerschhofer/Münster, F. Marton/Washington and C.R. Ross II/Memphis)
  3.2 Crystal Chemistry and Phase Transformations
  a. Phase transitions in the C-centered clinopyroxene ZnSiO3 (T. Arlt and R.J. Angel)
  b. A high-temperature Raman study of a phase transition in the clinopyroxene kanoite MnMgSi2O6 (N. Zotov and T. Arlt)
  c. Phengite micas (J.R. Smyth, R.J. Angel, T. Arlt and S.D. Jacobsen)
  d. Hydrous ringwoodite (J.R. Smyth, D.J. Frost and C.A. McCammon)
  e. Evidence for oxygen vacancies in (Mg,Fe)(Si,Al)O3 perovskites (S. Lauterbach, C.A. McCammon, F. Langenhorst and F. Seifert, in collaboration with P.A. van Aken/Darmstadt)
  f. Defect perovskites in the system CaTiO3-CaFeO2.5: Overview (R.J. Angel, A.I. Becerro, F. Langenhorst, C.A. McCammon and F. Seifert)
  g. Short-range ordering of oxygen vacancies in the cubic, disordered phase of the perovskite system CaTiO3-CaFeO2.5 (C.A. McCammon, A.I. Becerro, F. Langenhorst, R.J. Angel and F. Seifert, in collaboration with S. Marion and T. Norby/Oslo)
  h. Displacive phase transitions and spontaneous strains in CaTi1-xFexO3-x/2 perovskites (A.I Becerro, F. Seifert, R.J. Angel and C.A. McCammon, in collaboration with S. Ríos/Cambridge, U.K.)
  i. Oxygen vacancy ordering in CaFexTi1-xO3-x/2 perovskites and effects on electrical conductivity (A.I. Becerro, F. Langenhorst, C.A. McCammon and F. Seifert, in collaboration with S. Marion and T. Norby/Oslo)
  j. Hard mode infrared spectroscopy of CaTiO3-CaFeO2.5 perovskites (A.I. Becerro and F. Seifert, in collaboration with M.A. Carpenter and T. Boffa-Ballaran/Cambridge, U.K.)
  k. Perovskite phase transitions in the system CaTiO3-SrTiO3 (S. Qin, A.I. Becerro, J. Gottsmann and F. Seifert)
  l. High-pressure polymorphs of anatase TiO2 (T. Arlt, in collaboration with M. Bermejo, M.A. Blanco, J.M. Reico/Oviedo, L. Gerward, J.Z. Jiang/Lyngby and J.S. Olsen/Copenhagen)
  m. Microstructural observations of the graphite-to-diamond transformation (F. Langenhorst)
  n. Pressure-induced metallization of thallium iodide (R.A. Secco)
  o. Synthesis of cubic silicon nitride (B.T. Poe, in collaboration with M.R. Schwarz, A. Zerr, E. Kroke, G. Miehe and R. Riedel/Darmstadt)
  3.3 Geochemistry
  a. Oxygen-fugacity dependence of osmium partitioning between metal and silicate melt: a study using the mechanically assisted equilibration technique (S. Fortenfant and D.B. Dingwell)
  b. Pt and Rh solubilities in a haplobasaltic silicate melt at 1300°C: A reappraisal based on LA-ICP-MS techniques (D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with W. Ertel/Tucson, P.J. Sylvester/St. John's and H.St.C. O'Neill/Canberra)
  c. Re solubilities in a haplobasaltic silicate melt at 1400°C: The importance of the "right" analytical technique (D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with W. Ertel/Tucson, P.J. Sylvester/St. John's and H. St.C. O'Neill/Canberra)
  d. Densities of Ga- and Ge-bearing silicate melts: Pressure dependence of metal/silicate partitioning (C. Holzapfel, P. Courtial and D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with H. Palme/Köln and S. Chakraborty/Bochum)
  e. Fe-Mg partitioning between mantle minerals (D.J. Frost)
  f. Multianvil experiments on chondritic meteorites between 20 and 25 GPa: Implications for K and Na fractionation in the early primitive Earth's lower mantle (D.J. Frost, in collaboration with M. Chen and A. El Goresy/Mainz)
  g. Melting relations and trace element partitioning in peridotite at 20-26 GPa - effects of variable H2O and O2 fugacities (D.J. Frost, in collaboration with R.G. Trønnes/Oslo)
  h. Oxygen isotopic partitioning between silicate and carbonatite melts (D.B Dingwell, in collaboration with F. Pineau/Paris, A.M. Dorfman/Moscow and I.V. Veksler/Copenhagen)
  i. Kinetics of equilibration between liquid metal and oxides/silicates at high pressure (D.C. Rubie and S. Fortenfant, in collaboration with C. Gessmann/Bristol)
  j. Mg-Fe interdiffusion coefficients in olivine between 1300 and 800°C, measured from micrometer to sub-μm scale compositional profiles using TEM-EDX (E. Meißner and F. Seifert, in collaboration with S. Chakraborty/Bochum)
  k. Mafic granulites of the North China Craton: disequilibrium on a long timescale (P.J. O'Brien, in collaboration with A. Kröner, C. Passchier/Mainz and J. Li/Beijing)
  3.4 Fluids and their Interaction with Melts and Minerals
  a. The speciation of silica in aqueous fluids at high pressures and temperatures (N. Zotov and H. Keppler)
  b. Supercritical behavior in pegmatites (J.R. Sowerby and H. Keppler)
  c. Salty supercritical fluids in subduction zones (H. Bureau)
  d. The influence of oxygen fugacity on the release of sulfur during explosive volcanic eruptions (H. Keppler)
  e. Measurements of fluid/melt partition coefficients by Laser-Ablation-ICP-MS (B. Schäfer and D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with D. Günther, R. Frischknecht and H. Cousin/Zürich)
  f. Raman spectroscopy of water-containing rhyolite and basalt glasses (N. Zotov and J.R. Sowerby)
  g. Measurements of water in GeO2 glass by a nuclear reaction technique (C. Gennaro and D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with A. Maldener and F. Rauch/Frankfurt am Main)
  h. Solubility of water in rutile (J.L. Mosenfelder)
  i. High-pressure infrared spectra of hydroxyl in MgSiO3-ilmenite (N. Bolfan-Casanova, H. Keppler and D.C. Rubie)
  j. Hydrogen diffusion in enstatite (S.J. Carpenter Woods and S.J. Mackwell)
  3.5 Melt Physics and Chemistry
  a. Effect of sulfur content on the high-pressure viscosity of iron-sulfur liquids (R.A. Secco)
  b. In-situ falling-sphere viscometry of silicate melts at high pressure (J.E. Reid, D.J. Frost, B.T. Poe and D.C. Rubie, in collaboration with Y. Wang, T. Uchida, S. Sutton, M. Rivers/Argonne and I. Horn/Cambridge, USA)
  c. Silicon and oxygen self-diffusion in diopside melt at 2000°C and up to 15 GPa and estimation of viscosity using the Eyring relation (J.E. Reid, B.T. Poe, D.C. Rubie and N. Zotov, in collaboration with M. Wiedenbeck/Potsdam)
  d. XANES spectroscopy of the Al, Si, and Ca K-edges of aluminosilicate glasses formed at high pressures (B.T. Poe, in collaboration with C. Romano, G. Cibin, A. Marcelli and A. Mottana/Rome)
  e. Melt inclusions reequilibration processes: evidence from experimental results (H. Bureau and H. Keppler, in collaboration with P. Cordier/Lille and N. Métrich/Saclay)
  f. The viscosities of dry and hydrous XAlSi3O8 (X=Li, Na, K, Ca0.5, Mg0.5) melts: non-convergence of melt viscosities (C. Romano, B.T. Poe, D.B. Dingwell and K.-U. Hess, in collaboration with V. Mincione/Rome)
  g. Influence of water on the viscosity of Etna basalt (D. Giordano and D.B. Dingwell)
  h. Halide substitutions in silicate melts: comparative influence of F, Cl, Br and I on melt viscosity (D.B. Dingwell, K.-U. Hess and P. Courtial)
  i. Melt viscosities along the jadeite-leucite join (K.-U. Hess and D.B. Dingwell)
  j. Viscosities of alkaline silicate melts. Some considerations and constraints on the fit parameters of constitutive TVF equations (D. Giordano and D.B. Dingwell)
  k. Shear viscosities near the charge-balanced join in the system CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 (C. Gennaro, K.-U. Hess and D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with M.J. Toplis/Vandoeuvre-lés Nancy)
  l. The relation between viscosity and cation tracer diffusion in silicate melts (D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with J.E. Mungall/Montréal)
  m. Supercooled diopside melt: Confirmation of temperature-dependent expansivity using container-based dilatometry (J. Gottsmann and D.B. Dingwell)
  n. Configurational heat capacities and entropies of haplogranitic glasses and liquids (J. Gottsmann and D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with M.J. Toplis/Vandoeuvre-lés Nancy and R. Knoche/Innsbruck)
  3.6 Magma Dynamics and Volcanic Processes
  a. Megacrysts from the mafic alkaline lavas of the West-Eifel volcanic field, Germany; origin by fragmentation of veins in the upper mantle (C.S.J. Shaw, in collaboration with J. Eyzaguirre/London, Canada)
  b. The origin of glass in mantle xenoliths from the West-Eifel volcanic field, Germany: constraints from geothermobarometry and Fe-Mg diffusion in olivine (C.S.J Shaw, in collaboration with A. Klügel/Bremen)
  c. The dissolution rate of quartz in a basanitic melt: an investigation of the effects of experiment morphology on mineral dissolution rates (C.S.J. Shaw)
  d. In-situ pressure-temperature bubble growth in melts (C. Martel and H. Bureau)
  e. Experimental fragmentation of crystal- and vesicle-rich magmas (C. Martel, D.B. Dingwell and O. Spieler, in collaboration with M. Pichavant/Orléans and M. Wilke/Hannover)
  f. Experimental determination of fragmentation speeds of magma (O. Spieler and D.B. Dingwell)
  g. Experimental contribution to hazard evaluation at Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei (C. Romano, K.U. Hess, D. Giordano and D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with P. Papale/Pisa)
  h. The cooling of welded fall-out deposits: Calorimetric geospeedometry applied to Montaña Blanca Phonolites on Tenerife, Canary Islands (J. Gottsmann and D.B. Dingwell)
  i. Cooling of rhyolite lava fronts via relaxational geospeedometry (J. Gottsmann and D.B. Dingwell)
  3.7 Methodological Developments
  a. A GHz shear wave generator by P to S conversion (H.A. Spetzler, S.D. Jacobsen, H.J. Reichmann and H. Schulze, in collaboration with K. Müller and H. Ohlmeyer/Bayreuth)
  b. Determination of Fe3+/ΣFe in perovskite/magnesiowüstite assemblages using electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) (S. Lauterbach, C.A. McCammon, F. Langenhorst and F. Seifert, in collaboration with P.A. van Aken/Darmstadt)
  c. In-situ high-pressure conductivity measurements of nanostructured materials (D.J. Frost and R.A. Secco, in collaboration with J.Z. Jiang, L. Gerward, J.S. Olsen/Lyngby and J. Peyronneau/Paris)
  d. Development of a dilatometric in-situ device to measure volume expansion in an internally heated pressure vessel (C. Gennaro and D.B. Dingwell)
  e. Systematic shock experiments on calcite in the 10 - 100 GPa range (F. Langenhorst and N. Zotov, in collaboration with A. Deutsch/Münster, U. Hornemann/Efringen-Kirchen and B. Ivanov/Moscow)
  f. Methodological developments in magma fragmentation (O. Spieler and D.B. Dingwell)
  g. New solid-state NMR results (M. Bechmann, S. Dusold, X. Helluy, J. Kümmerlen and A. Sebald)
4. Publications, Conference Presentations, Seminars, Visiting Scientists
  4.1 Publications (published)
  a. Refereed international journals
  b. Conference proceedings
  4.2 Publications (submitted, in press)
  4.3 Presentations at scientific institutions and at congresses
  4.4 Lectures and seminars at Bayerisches Geoinstitut
  4.5 Scientific conferences organized by/with assistance of Bayerisches Geoinstitut
  4.6 Visiting scientists
  a. Visiting scientists funded by the Bayerisches Geoinstitut
  b. Visiting scientists funded by EU Project "Access to Large-Scale Facilities"
  c. Visiting scientists supported by other external funded BGI projects
  d. Visitors (externally funded)
  4.7 Theses
  4.8 Honours and awards
  4.9 Editorship of scientific journals
  4.10 Membership of scientific advisory bodies
  4.11 Public relations and press report
5. Scientific and Technical Personnel

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